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21 day free games and bonus EVE Online!

21 day free games EVE Online

When you first hear about this game , then you will be the best definition of the phrase Sci-Fi MMO. Here you will not find elves orcs nor castles dungeons nor frivolous music, no corny graphics. But at your disposal will be five thousand solar systems , two kinds of ships and freedom of action, which never dreamed of any modern MMO- game.

From their counterparts in the shop game differs literally everyone . For example, the skill system . Most games have a standard system where the development of the hero tightly tied to the amount passed quests and monsters destroyed , and is based on the value of the "level" . In EVE Online no character levels - took their place, skill levels , which progress in real time and with almost no way tied to the actions of the player . The owner can change the character's only one thing - the pumping speed and the direction of development. Speed ??depends on the baseline , called attributes , the value of which can be increased by using special implants. This means that a given queue study skills , you can quietly leave the game and go do other things while your character will be hard " to swing ."

21 day free games EVE Online

In eve during the registration process , please contact:
14 days of free game
21 days of free game , if your account is registered on a public invitation
21 day free games and bonus site 530,000,000 lawsuit if it recorded through a personal invitation
Why do I need a personal invitation ? What to know exactly what the bonus game character list .
Trial subscription for 21 days - this is the official program CCP « Call a friend "

To start playing eve online 530mln claim pretty decent amount to make the initial ships and fit well enough.
Unused raise character is quite long and monotonous.
You get help in the game tree . claim, and also my character gets a gift of 30 days of game time . All officially .
Well and accordingly guarantee you receive play money .
So go for it . EVE - svoebrazny this world where you can isprobyvat mnzhestvo opportunities and even realize their talents .

21 day free games EVE Online
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